9 thoughts on ““How Mirka Got Her Sword,” page 49

  1. dear dear dear dear dear… This is not looking very good for poor Mirka.
    Oh, and I love how the troll’s sweater has tulips on it!

  2. I just love that the troll’s sweater is so cute. Every page leaves me wanting more.

  3. I dunno, multiple collars and sleeves might just fit the troll perfectly…he does have a lot of arms and legs!

    Although I am leaning towards the possibility of the sun coming up and defeating him that way. I guess we’ll see! I can’t wait!! :o )

  4. Mirka’s face in the last frame is priceless :) It will be very interesting to see how Mirka get’s out of this mess.

  5. I’m dying to know something, although maybe Barry doesn’t want to reveal the reasons…Why did Mirka’s sweater come out like that? I know she isn’t the world’s most enthusiastic knitter, but if she could produce the basic stitches (something I couldn’t do even if a troll were about to eat me) she should be able to be aware of how many collars she’s making and so on. Did the troll mess with her mind?

  6. Maybe she was in a frenzy! Like when you’re writing an exam and make millions of insane, extraneous arguments because you just have to keep writing.

  7. I just began reading this webcomic, and I really like it.
    I would wear that sweater; it is the height of fashion.
    Go Mirka!